Thursday, December 30, 2010


           Well, Taylor much as I wish you would perhaps write a girl empowerment song, or something a bit different, I must say, your music is therapeutic.  She possesses the talent of putting her emotions into words (and a catchy tune), which is something a lot of people, like myself, cannot do.  My blogs have been my attempt to put my emotions into words, but no one can do it like Taylor Swift.  I've had her newest album Speak Now for quite some time now.  I still haven't really listened to all of the songs on the album. Today, I stumbled upon Superman.  Unfortunately, I'm not crazy about the music, but the lyrics, of course, fail to disappoint. I could just be biased because, well, I do enjoy how applicable her lyrics are to many of my emotions.  Especially when dealing with the male species...heh.  That's when I find I turn to her lyrics, because, well, she doesn't write about much else.  However, I am appreciative of these songs.  There's a Taylor Swift song for that.
"And I watch you fly around the world 
And I hope you don't save some other girl 
Don't forget, don't forget about me 
I'm far away but I never let you go 
I'm lovestruck and looking out the window 
Don't forget, don't forget where I'll be 
Right here wishing the flowers were from you 
Wishing the card was from you 
Wishing the call was from you 
'Cause I've loved you from the very first day." 
So, Taylor Swift, thank you.

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  1. I LOVE THIS POST. End of story. That's my favorite one out of all her new songs.