Wednesday, December 29, 2010


         Oh, 2010.  Please don't end, because you've been far too good to me...Welcome to my year in review post.  2010 has brought me many things for which I am grateful for.  It's been a splendid year.  From graduating high school, falling in love, starting a new chapter in my life, and setting out on a journey to find myself, this year brought an ending to a comfortable past and a beginning to new endeavors.  Ladies and gentlemen, my year in review (in a scattered and clearly unorganized manner)....

         It was around this time last year (New Years Day to be exact) when I was confronted with a fresh start.  It was finally 2010, the year I'd graduate from high school.  My friends and I (and the entirety of the senior class I'm sure) were convinced that it was our year and no one could do anything about it because graduation was merely months away.   I rang in the new year with my best friends.  We almost missed it because we were so wrapped up in watching The Hangover, and we had failed to realize that we had five minutes until midnight.  Man, never a dull moment.  2010 brought me countless moments and adventures that I will remember for a lifetime.  For example, I was thrown my first surprise party for my birthday.  Yes, it most certainly did not fall short of a surprise.  My best friends and I discovered that we can talk for hours on end, possibly in any location, about anything that comes to mind.  And, we already have our weddings planned out because we love weddings.  I've seen countless firework shows at Disneyland without actually having to go inside the park.  I also spent 17 hours at Disneyland, and it was very possibly the greatest day I have ever spent with anyone.  Took the train to LA and San Diego.  Saw my first Laker game in the NBA Finals (game two).  Been in a party bus.  Filmed a great movie for an english project that embodied the story of an everlasting friendship.  Played softball competitively for my very last time.  Took a sudden interest in politics and it has now become a significant part of my college career.  Learned the ins and outs of journalism, and can now make references on the spot.  Lost the fear of failing, because it only prevents me from succeeding at unfamiliar tasks.
       2010 was a rollercoaster of emotions.  One of the greatest, and the most cherished emotions was love.  It was honestly an emotion that I wasn't aware I could completely feel about anyone other than family and friends.  An emotion I had not yet experienced until someone came into my life in a most unexpected fashion.  We met by chance.  Or as we once referred to it, "fate" had brought us together.  The previous year, we had our first conversation.  Random and out of the blue, discussing the Coldplay concert that we had both attended over the summer.  Turns out, we were at the very same one.  A random conversation with a complete stranger, lasting no more than two minutes.  I had finally met this boy that everyone knew and I had heard minor rumblings about.  Little did I know, he would be the one to leave me smiling every waking moment of every day.  Little did I know, he would be the one I fell in love with.  The new year began, and so did my relationship with him.  As I got to know him, I slowly realized that we were like each other in many ways.  It struck me as odd at first, how similar two complete strangers could be.  But, ah, fate.  Valentine's Day.  A delivery man came to the door with a box on February 13th.  My sister had answered the door and she told me that the package was for me, and it was Mrs. Field's Cookies(my favorite).  Somehow, I figured out a second who the package was from, a giant cookie enclosed in the box, along with a poem.  Right then I had realized that, this was no ordinary sort of relationship but, I began to feel something special.  He and I grew closer and closer as the year went on.  Many emotional distresses in dealing with the possibility of a relationship knowing that college was fast approaching.  However, the conclusion was finally reached and the relationship had finally been formed.  My very first boyfriend.  And days before that, my very first kiss.  Truthfully, I wasn't sure if I was going to be in my first relationship or have even had my first kiss before college.  But, as  I have come to learn, life is full of unexpected occurrences.  He and I shared many wonderful moments together whether it was going to Prom, a sporting event, or just sitting and enjoying each other's company.  Summertime brought us a carefree, blissful attitude.  This boy did so many wonderful things for me.  He is perfect and brilliant in every way possible.  He made me the happiest I have ever felt and the most beautiful I have ever felt.  Getting to spend every moment I could with a boy I fell very much in love with, was the highlight of my year.  Unfortunately, then came college.  The goodbye was dreadful.  It was one of the most difficult things I had ever done.  However, I held the prospect of a quick three months, and it would soon be Thanksgiving.  Too bad my optimism has a tendency to overshadow any realistic perspective. So there we were. Only a state away, but being in love made it seem as if we were worlds apart.  I felt as if things were slowly falling to pieces and the thought of our relationship coming to an end one day, tore me up inside.  So I took each day as it came, waiting and hoping things would  get easier.  College became a roadblock in the relationship, and it sadly came to and end.  Although we maintain a friendship, I still love him, and we are there for each other just as much as we ever were. I miss him.  But I do not regret one day spent with him.  How could you ever regret being with someone who brought you so much joy?  I am nothing but thankful, for he is a blessing.  Maybe, just maybe, one day in the future, we'll find our way back to each other.  2010 brought me my first kiss, my first boyfriend, and my first love

           As the year progressed, I had to learn to develop a sense of confidence in one of the biggest decisions I would make in my life.  The decision stayed with me in the back of my mind throughout the summer, as I tried to enjoy the moments with family and friends.  I've never been the girl that is known for taking risks but I did, and ventured out into the world known as college.  But, you see, I was moving away from home.  To a different state.  Adios California, hello Arizona.  The weeks leading up to my departure, all I could think about was leaving.  Who I was leaving, what I was leaving...why I was leaving.  The why hardly crossed my mind.  If it did, it wasn't in a positive light.  If I ever found myself asking "Why?" it consisted of, "Why didn't I apply to a school closer to my boyfriend? Why didn't my best friends and I apply to the same school?".  The last few days, I grew weary, thinking of all of these things.  I was finally leaving my comfort zone, and I was not thrilled.  At all.  However, in the back of my mind, I knew it was the right choice.  The school waiting for me across the state line is nothing less than ideal for my career.  I was to become the greatest journalist who ever lived!...well, that was my mind set.  Packing my things, saying goodbye to family, friends, and the comfort of what I once to knew to travel to the land of the unknown...what the heck was I thinking? The first month, being away from home was unbearable.  I cried every day for the first two weeks.  I was nothing short of a disaster.    

            Don't worry. I lived.  2010 brought me a new beginning with new experiences.  Not only have I had to experience leaving home and living on my own, but I've been able to experience all of this with new friends.  Being away at school, I can honestly say I've made some pretty remarkable friends.  Brittany, Ellie, Emilie, Anjelle, Jamie...the list could certainly go on.  I know these people I've met my first semester in college, will be life long friends.  Already we've shared wonderful memories and I am excited to see what the new year has in store for all of us.  A new semester, new classes, new friends, new experiences.  As I have become acclimated to school and my surroundings, I must say, it is the best decision I could have made.  God knows I would have been home all the time if I went to a school nearby.  I've become a stronger, more mature person.  I'm growing up and discovering who I am.  And, as I continue this journey to find myself and discover my passions, I am beginning to embrace daily blessings.  Going away to school has taught me so many things and in a way, how to become more of an adult.  Self-sufficient.  Without hesitation, I will say I could not have done any of this without support.  Through all of this, I have realized how lucky I am to have the support I do.  I was concerned about leaving the comfortable surroundings of being at home, but, I realized since I've been there, that the comfort hasn't gone anywhere.  Not only have I become comfortable at school, but the comfort of knowing that I always have the undying support from family and friends has been one of the greatest realizations of all.  My family and friends, new and old, have supported me through thick and thin this year.  You don't necessarily have to abide by "out with the old, in with the new".  You can keep as much "old" in your life as you wish, and welcome as much "new" as you please.

           As I conclude my year in review, I would like to thank my mom.  She has been there for me through every single rough patch and high point of my year.  She is my rock, I love her, and I couldn't be more blessed.  I am very fortunate and I'd like to say thank you.  As this year comes to a close, I've learned a few things about myself.  I also have learned that I need to change some things as well.  I will seize the day and practice patience. Two things which I most certainly have had issues with in the past, will now become a reality.  Even though this blog is a few days early, I hope everyone had a marvelous 2010.  I know I did.  All I have to say now is, bring on 2011.

Happy New Year!

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