Sunday, December 12, 2010

It fits my mood.

     So I gave up on the song title theme for a little bit.  Mostly because I couldn't think of anything else to put right now.  I've been a little emotionally off lately.  All sorts of emotions going on right now.  Happy, sad, excited, stressed out, nervous...and more I'm sure.  It's been quite the past few days.  One of my really good friends, Ellie, is leaving ASU this Wednesday.  I've become pretty close with her and it's sad to lose a good friend :(  I will miss her presence amongst the dorms dearly.  We had "Ellie Day" today.  Exchanged Christmas gifts, went ice skating, gallivanting around the city, out to dinner, and baked her a cake.  It was quite wonderful.  But yes, anyway.  I often turn to music when I'm feeling a little extra emotional.  Any sort of emotion.  Could by happy, excited, sad, whichever emotion, there's gotta be a song for it, right? WELL.  I recently registered with StumbleUpon and I came across this wonderful link:
Stereo Mood
     It's so great.  I'm listening to sad right now, I really enjoy the music it's providing me.  Thank you StumbleUpon.  I can't decide if I'm tired or not.  Although one should be with little sleep, and the need to wake up to go to Zumba class at 10am.  Zumba has been such a great outlet for a lot of, well, my emotions.   I feel like that word is appearing in this particular blogging session too much, but, it's just been that kind of day.  If you've never taken a Zumba class, I HIGHLY SUGGEST IT.  It's quite the experience and a great workout.  
    My last two finals are approaching.  Best thing is, I don't know how to prepare for one and I need to ace the other.  So, you can only imagine how I'm feeling right about now.  The next couple of days should be fun (oh hey sarcasm).  I know everything I need to know, it's just the matter of memorization.  So here goes nothing!  

Government & Politics Final (Part 2) - I own you.
History and Principles of Journalism Final - Nice try, but you're mine for the taking.


Goodnight blogesphere! 

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