Sunday, January 2, 2011

Prospects of 2011.

              Up until this evening (technically yesterday), I was convinced that 2011 couldn't possibly have the potential to be a great year.  Not like 2010 did.  2010 was filled with events to look forward to.  Graduation, college decisions, the last few high school dances, ect.  It was labeled nothing short of a landmark year for those who would graduate in 2010.  This year, unfortunately, doesn't have anything of the sort.  College and...that's about it.  No wonderful events such as these are scheduled to take place in 2011.  But this is when I realized that, I had things to look forward to at the start of last year because my life had been planned. Up until now.  
             The end of 2010 brought some life-altering changes.  I moved away. From home to college, in a different state, leaving behind my family and best friends.  Best friends I wouldn't see daily, even monthly.  I had a boyfriend through the final months of high school and all through summer, even through the first three months of college, and things grew complicated.  So of course, all I knew to be certain in my life, wasn't certain anymore.  The comfort of living with my family was gone.  Seeing familiar faces at school, was gone.  Being in a relationship with someone I thought I would be with for the duration of my freshman year in college, at least, was gone.  My naive manner got the best of me, and it's led to the wild mix of emotions I had felt the past months.  And that's when it hit me.  Reality slapped me in the face.  Hard.  In short, it said Grow up and realize that nothing is guaranteed. 
             Throughout high school, I carried with me the mindset of optimism and promise.  Now, don't confuse this self-realization as a conversion to pessimism, but finally taking one of the many big steps in my life has allowed me to see the reality of life itself.  Life is not planned, nor promised.  Life is a compilation of unexpected occurrences that you must act on, and the way you choose to act on them, is the way you choose to live your life.  We can sit and reflect on the mistakes and aspirations of our yesterdays, or we can simply move forward and fully enjoy the todays we are blessed with.  I truly believe that each day is not promised; it is a blessing.  When we are blessed with a day, how else can we display our thankfulness other than making the most of the moments we are given?
             This is where my New Year's Resolution comes into play: Carpe diem.  No longer will I take each day for granted as I used to, and rely on the promise of tomorrow, but I will take each day and make it my own [except for other people's birthdays, that would just be rude of me (; ].  Each day is a gift, which is indeed why it is called the "present".  Humans are creatures of habit, and this year, I plan to live every one of the days I am blessed with, to its fullest.  Hopefully this mentality will become my only mentality, and I will seize the blessings of each day with admiration.  I will cherish what I have, and not dwell on what I don't have.  I will do things for others, for myself, and most importantly, I will do things for God.  
Dear 2011, 
     So, we got off on the wrong foot.  Can we start over?  I'm Gabrielle and it's a pleasure to meet you.  Let's make this year frickin' sweet.

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