Monday, December 27, 2010

Same Changes.

         This is going to seem arbitrary and uncharacteristic following what I just posted but, I think of it as a revelation of sorts. It's hard when you have to realize that you don't fit into someone's life the way you used to.  The feeling isn't great in the slightest.  But what's even more difficult than that is, once you come to that realization...what the heck are you supposed to do about it?
         Not fitting into someone's life like I used to, yeah, well...  But deciding what to do about it...can be a very challenging experience.  I am currently in the middle of that at the moment.  People begin to slowly move in different directions.  I guess, for now, it's important to be patient.  Patience is something I most certainly struggle with.  New Year's resolution? I need to let things work the way God has them planned.  I will never ever cut anyone out of my life.  But I suppose that I need to make the people who do have a place for me in their life constantly, a constant part of mine.  Beginning with God. 

Goodnight Blogesphere.

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