Monday, December 13, 2010

If It's The Beaches.

     Back on track with the song title as the blog title again.  Blogging and enjoying my "Constant Comment" tea.  I've become a tea addict; a bedtime routine I've grown quite fond of.  I can't wait to be home in 3 days.  Two finals to get through and I'm home free!  Literally!  Well, not literally, exactly.  I've discovered the musical stylings of The Avett Brothers and I do enjoy their music, a lot.  I have yet to explore all of their music, but my favorite songs by them at the moment are:
             If It's The Beaches
             January Wedding
             I Would Be Sad
Great songs!  I'm excited to explore the rest of their music.  No class tomorrow will be nice.  Leaving school for a month for Winter Break does make me sad.  I'm going to miss all of my friends here but I am still very excited to see all of my friends from back home.  
      I would like to say thank you to the most awesome girl on the plant, Lauren, for helping me through all of my emotional ups and downs.  She's been an absolutely listener during this whole thing, and I couldn't be more thankful :)

Alright, well I thought I had a lot to blog tonight, but it turns out...not really.

Goodnight blogesphere!


  1. Have a very happy holiday ... and thanks so much for mentioning your fondness for Constant Comment tea on your blog! We're so glad you enjoy it.
    -Deb for Bigelow Tea